Marisela was born and raised in Toppenish, WA. Her success story is a little different from others. After facing many hardships growing up, she got her GED shortly after dropping out of High School. She later took her GED and is in her last semester to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social work, and a minor in Psychology. Marisela is determined to use her testimony, her experiences, her passion for those in need, to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults. She strongly believes that it takes a village (team) to raise a child—and that is why she is extremely zealous about being a part of Communities In Schools.

When she is not wonder woman in the school, she is wonder woman in her home. She is a full-time wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. Marisela enjoys all things family, cooking full course meals, traveling, and taking spontaneous trips with her three children and loves Jesus with all her heart.

“I see myself in each student here at MLK and I devote everything inside of my soul to be there for all of them.”